HR of today need a complete software which can match all their need: find talents and communicate with a customized internal referral program, match skills and job offer (even for intern mobility) and give them informations about learning and evolution of their employees.
MyJobCompany is an innovative technology that revolutionizes the employment world by addressing 3 key issues :
Social recruitment consists of relying on collective intelligence to transform any internet user into an actor of the recruitment process:

  • Job offers are shared on social networks nationally and/or across the globe
  • Recruiters receive only relevant applications
  • Hard-to-reach talents see the offer and apply for the job

A complex algorithm analyses that match rate between the applicant &the job offer based on his/her strengths, competences, motivation & on the job requirements :

  • The applicant feels valued for whos/he is
  • His/her actual potential is considered
  • The recruiter opens up to unsuspected talents and enhances his/her image
  • A fair recruitment is guaranteed based on pragmatic criteria

3. Pre recruitment / LEARNING
The recruiter meets the applicant ahead of the training and validates his/her profile based on his/her strengths and motivation in a PRE-RECRUITMENT spirit:

  • The applicant goes through a short training course focused on the concrete needs of of the job
  • The performance of trainings is monitored over time and the e-entry rate into the job market reaches over 80% on average (compared to less than 20% today).